Francis Feeney

Francis Feeney
Regimental number: 7509 Rank: Private
Returned to Australia (RTA)

Francis Feeney (AKA Frank) was born in Brisbane to Martin Feeney and Mary Dowd in about 1884. He married Evelyn Brandreth in 1910, and the family were living in Pine Street, Bulimba by the time the 33-year-old butcher enlisted on 12 February 1917.

Francis’ prior military service was 352 days service with the AMC Lytton (where the annual encampment was held at Easter). He trained in Brisbane but was transferred to the 15th Battalion embarking from Sydney on 14 June 1917 on the “HMAT Hororata” A20 bound for Liverpool.

Arriving in England he received further training at Codford before being posted to Havre, France on 30 January 1918. From January 1919 he was granted leave and over the next few months he was attached to various hospitals including Spike Island Bulford; Tidworth; Parkhouse and Sutton Veny, England until July 1919 when he was sent to see an ear specialist with ear problems. He was returned to Australia on the 19 August 1919. Francis was entitled to receive the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

After the war he was involved in his children’s school, Bulimba School, and the local athletics club. He lived in Henderson Street, Bulimba. During WW2 his two sons, Francis and Marcus enlisted.

Francis Feeney died in 1956 Brisbane aged 70 years and is buried at Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane.

World War I

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